Counter Top Terminals

The quick sale terminal is a simple and easy terminal to use


Quicksale Terminal



The QuickSale Terminal is the newest addition to the family of EMV certified, card present payment solutions. QuickSale is now integrated with multiple Android POS Terminals including the Q1, a ruggedized, portable Android terminal and the Q2, a Pin-on-Glass 5.5” countertop Android terminal. QuickSale Terminals deliver a powerful combination of application functionality and deployment services at a price that will improve your bottom line.

New Benefits of Android POS Terminals

  • Everything you need in one device-process payment and print/send receipts.
  • Leverage the powerful and familiar Android operating system.
  • Over-the-Air software updates ensure your terminal is always in compliance.
  • Support the features you require-EBT, Pin Debit, Cash Discount, Gift Cards, Mobile Wallets, email or print receipts and more.
  • WiFi and 3B/4G SIM for continuous coverage.
The new android terminals have become a go to for our customers

Easy to Deploy or Update

QuickSale manages POS terminal encryptions, downloads and settings remotely, saving valuable time and effort in managing merchants and devices.

  • Simplified deployment with Remote Key Injections
  • Reduce risk with ComsGate E-Crypt for Point-to-Point encryption of card data
  • Customizable software for tips, taxes, clerk, invoice and user permissions
  • Terminal options for ruggedized mobile or countertop retail
  • Easy to support with the same feature set as QuickSale mPOS
Terminal updates are simple and easy done remotely to