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Looking for your perfect match in the industry?

Look no further than Payment System Consultants for a company that puts its Payment Consultants first. Our entire program was developed with the goal of setting you apart from the competition and helping you to succeed in the marketplace. We want all of our partners to be able to completely control their own destiny. We are a unique company in the electronic payment space. Our prices are competitive, and we provide superior customer service to our merchant base and our partners.


Payment System Consultants is unlike any other credit card processing provider.

Not only do we offer a full range of merchant solutions, but we also provide unique sales programs to our partners.


Our compensation plans are also among the most lucrative that are available. Our flexible revenue sharing program gives every partner the opportunity to offer some of the lowest rates to the merchant and still generate significant residual income streams.  This makes Payment System Consultants a WIN/WIN for all parties.


If you are interested in exploring the opportunities available at Payment System Consultants, please contact us at

  • Lucrative Compensation Plans

  • Uniques Sales Programs

  • Flexible Revenue Sharing Program

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