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Gateway Services

This is how we secure your money

Payment System Consultants

If your company is looking for a more powerful, flexible, and friendly way to secure money transactions, Payment System Consultants is the choice for you.  Here are all the services we offer to ensure that all your business transactions are secure.

Virtual Terminal

Swipe a card from any location or run transactions for multiple accounts with one login. Set privileges for each user, issue refunds and more.

Card Vault

Store and protect customer credit card/bank information in our PCI-compliant vault. Manage, automate, and search customer payments with ease.

Recurring Payments

Set up recurring and future payments daily, weekly, or monthly. Shift one payment without affecting others. View or print payment schedule.


SyncPay provides the ability to integrate accounting systems directly to the payment gateway for payment related reporting and processing.


Quickly run detailed reports at any time or have them emailed to you every night. Filter by user or location. Get instant alerts for every transaction.


Customer bank transfers are the fastest and most successful way to collect. With Payment System Consultants, you pay lower fees than credit card transactions.

Account Updater

Account Updater is a service that helps ensure uninterrupted payment for your customers by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information. When a cardholder’s information changes, you will receive updated account information which may include new account numbers, new expiration dates, closed account and/or contact cardholder notifications.

Encrypted End-to-End Retail Swipe

Provides merchants and retailers with true end-to-end encryption processing.

Level III Processing

Level III Processing is used by government and enterprise level corporations when handling large orders through business-to-business and business-to-government transactions. Significant savings on processing costs are realized when the required additional data is transmitted along with the card data.

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