We offer solutions that accept all credit card payment types


Through our primary partner Higher Standards, Inc., we are able to offer our clients secure electronic payment processing solutions via the latest technologies and services. Our core processing platform is highly scalable, remarkably flexible, and built to connect our Partners and Clients with an integrated payments suite that propels business forward.


Traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards


EMV chip cards and NFC-enabled cards


App-based payments and EBT cards for government benefits


Fleet cards for petroleum purchases

Credit Card Processing

Choose the best and most affordable card payment processing solutions for your business. 

ACH Payments

Accept ACH payments quickly and securely.  



Grow your business with safe and affordable online card payment solutions.

B2B Payment Processing

Realize significant savings on Level 3 transactions with other businesses.

Cash Discount

Significantly reduce processing fees by implementing Cash Discount.

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Offer gift cards and loyalty cards online and at point of purchase.


Why Choose Us?

We are not tied to a single partner or processor.  Through our years of experience in the payment processing space, Payment System Consultants has developed a relationship with several providers that suite YOUR needs as the merchant.  We are not tied to just one vendor, we have many.  Because of this, we can find the best solution to solve and meet your business needs as they relate to your overall accounts receivable processes.

Your customers expect you to do more.  Curb Side payments is one example of this and we keep up with the trends!

Who We Are

Payments System Consultants was formed to provide businesses a resource for developing and maintaining an Omni Channel Payment Acceptance solution for all payment methods that meet the unique needs of each business.

Your goal is to grow, our mission is to support your goals!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients grow their business with simple, secure and integrated payments.

We are focused and dedicated in your as our customer!

What We Do

Payment System Consultants is focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing to meet the unique needs of their respective business processes.