About Us

About Us 

PEEDS Inc., d/b/a Payments System Consultants was formed to provide payment acceptance solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. We provide businesses a resource for developing and maintaining an Omni Channel Payment Acceptance solution that meets the unique needs of each business as it relates to their account’s receivables process.

Through our primary partner Higher Standards, Inc., we are able to offer our clients secure electronic payment processing solutions via the latest technologies and services. Our core processing platform is highly scalable, remarkably flexible, and built to connect our Partners and Clients with an integrated payments suite that propels business forward.

Paul Erdal is the founder of Payment System Consultants and has two decades of experience in the payments industry, working with businesses and streamlining their respective payment acceptance processes. Paul has seen a growing need for increased reliability and customization and is dedicated to serving clients with a broad range of solutions. At Payment System Consultants, we believe that one size does not fit all—particularly for small businesses—which is why we deliver unique solutions that reduce costs, maximize efficiency, improve profitability, and build customer engagement—no matter the size of your business.

At Payment System Consultants we strive to be a leading resource for our Clients and ISV Partners, while providing the highest level of service, leadership, quality, and cost-effective solutions to all of our clients.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients grow their business with simple, secure and integrated payments.

Vision Statement

Payment System Consultants is focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing to meet the unique needs of their respective business processes.

Client Satisfaction

Taking care of our clients is the number one priority for Payment System Consultants. Our business is built on satisfied clients. In today’s digital world, we still believe in relationships and are the first point of contact to meet our client needs.

What Makes Us Different

Payment System Consultants is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients and affiliate partners. We care about relationships, not just transactions.

There’s a reason that our customer retention is significantly higher than the industry average. Look at the unique benefits we offer to all of our customers:


When you need help, we respond – personally. No endless phone trees and voice mails here. We answer when you call and we solve your problems.


Our solutions make all transactions quick and easy. Custom reports help you better manage your business with online access to all your statements and batches. Payment processing has never been easier.


We run our business for you. Our rates and fees are guaranteed, and there are no termination fees. If you don’t like our service, you’re not stuck in a long-term contract.


We believe in keeping a step ahead of the trends, new technology and consultative services. 


We tailor your processing solution to your specific business so you pay the lowest rates possible. If you’re a B2B company, our Level 3 interchange rates can save you up to a third from your previous rates. 


We believe you should “Know the Flow” as it relates to your payment processing. Educating our clients is an ongoing process and feel it’s imperative our clients are in the know on who is involved in their transaction processing and costs.


Be Great, Integrate! Whenever possible, our philosophy is to integrate with your current processes to provide a seamless transition.

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